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What Happened The Day You Were Born
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What Happened The Day You Were Born

What Happened The Day You Were Born

What Happened When You Were Born?

This award winning, "The Day You Were Born" software can help you save money, make money, and easily keep up with all those birthdays. Soon you can be sending your own creative, personalized certificates instead of greeting cards.

Are you looking for an inexpensive birthday gift or card?
This year, send your family/friends a Birthday Bios History Page. After registering this software you can create unlimited Birthday History Pages to print them out and snail mail them, or you can email the styles as stationery
! Imagine the money you'll save.

In Business? -- Need Repeat Customers?
Insert your company name or logo into the Newspaper Page and send one to all your customers for their birthday. They'll put this in their scrap books and never forget you. You can also print them out for families with newborns. Imagine your logo in all your customers scrapbooks and baby books. This works especially well for lawyers, insurance agents, real estate agents, veterinarians, doctors and etc.

Like History? In Education?
Use Birthday Bios pages to help stimulate and satisfy an interest in History.


Or You can order a single birthday print here



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